7 Things About indian decorators Your Boss Wants to Know


The one thing that I have learned through my years in the Indian decorating business is that you will never ever be able to live life the same way twice. It is a fact of life that you never know what will happen next, and that is what makes every project we do a challenge.

I am always amazed at the amount of creativity and style that people have that we find so difficult to replicate. It is like having the best cake at a wedding or a fashion show and having to recreate it at home.

The challenge is in finding a theme that fits right in with your home and your lifestyle. The thing is, you can’t just go out and buy an entire range of colors and styles for your home. That would take you forever. So instead, you have to take things like kitchen accessories, wall décor, flooring, and even interior design and make them work with your home’s style.

So if you think you need a theme for your home, try to avoid using it as a way to get your home looks just because it’s the thing you like and are good with. Rather, use it as a way to express a bit of personality and/or style that you have. But also, do not use it as a way to put together a theme that will fit all your furniture, decor, and house furniture.

It’s worth emphasizing that you can have totally different styles of interior decor and furniture with absolutely nothing in common. One of the best ways to do this is to have a few different styles of chairs, tables, and so on. That way it makes it easier to match the décor and style to the rest of your house. Another great way to do this is to have different décor and styles for different rooms.

I am all about trying to mix things up and find ways to integrate things that are not “the same”. I’m not talking about trying to use the same color or color scheme for all of your furniture. Instead, I’m talking about using a color that is just “different” from the rest of the furniture to make the thing you are trying to “bring together” more interesting.

There are so many great resources for color theory and how to incorporate different colors into your life. There are a lot of blogs that talk about color theory (and who are using color theory to help you plan your life), books on color and color schemes, etc. The important thing is to know your own style and use colors that are appropriate to your personality. If your style is more of a bright, busy, modern, edgy, etc.

The point of using color is not to make your things more interesting, it’s to make your things easier to see, read, and interact with. That’s why there are so many great blogs, books, and resources out there like this one on color theory and color schemes. There are so many great things to read about color theory, and there are so many websites that show how to include different colors into your life.

Colour theory is a wonderful tool to use, but it is rarely used in a way that helps you to achieve your goals. My personal philosophy is to do what works for me and my personality. I would never ever use a shade of green to dress a dress that was a little too bright for me. I might use all green, all blue, or all yellow for something very special.

I can tell you for a fact I have never used a green tinted product in a dress, I just wear a pale pink dress for special occasions. But I can tell you for a fact that I have used my own color palette for some very special occasion dresses. These days I am an avid collector of vintage and antique clothes, of course I look for patterns on the clothes (for a reason), but I also go for unusual color combinations, patterns, etc.

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