slav defense


The most common defense against a slav is to deny their existence. People are so afraid to take risks and get on a roll, they only want to play defense and let their opponents win.

The truth is that no matter what happens in a slav defense, you don’t actually have to play defense. In fact, it is often better to let things happen, because your opponent will eventually get nervous and start playing offense.

I’m going to be the first to admit that slav defense is not only a good defense, but it’s one of the most effective styles of defense. A lot of people try to play offensive in a slav defense, but slavs don’t really want to play offense. They want to play defense. As a result, slavs generally prefer to play defense, and this is why the slav defense is so effective.

Slav defense is actually a good defense because it means you can’t move the opponent’s legs as quickly as you can move the opponent’s feet. Your opponent’s legs are so large that you don’t need to move your foot.

Its one of the most effective styles of defense because it means you cant move your opponent’s legs as quickly as you can move your opponent’s feet.

The only problem in game 3 is that slavs are only good when playing offense. You can play defense, but you can also play offense on your own. Even if you shoot in the face, you can also shoot back at the opponent. If you move your face to right, you can easily move your face to left. Slavs are a good defense because you can defend your opponents defense with a good amount of finesse.

Slavs are good in that they can attack the defense you’re defending with a good amount of finesse. You can also attack the opponent with a good amount of finesse. I guess it’s good enough to have the defender on your side, but you can also attack the defender by moving your legs, so there’s no reason why it’s a bad defense when you’re playing offense.

Slav defense seems to be the best in the game. Its a free-for-all and everyone is a threat. I think this is because all of the enemies are on the opposing team’s side and have to move in order to defend. There’s no way to be on defense if your opponent is moving to the side that is attacking you.

This, the fact that every enemy is on your team side. This is a feature that you almost never see in other online games, but I think it’s very interesting. It actually makes it hard for the defense to be successful because a lot of the time the defense is the weakest link, so it tries to attack the most vulnerable link first.

The idea itself is good, and I think it works. But that it works is a very subjective thing. It’s one of those things that can depend on your team’s tactics and your own game knowledge. In my game I have a lot of experience with this kind of defense, and I think I’ve had more success defending against it than some of my opponents.

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