How Did We Get Here? The History of ssb world Told Through Tweets


the SBSB World is dedicated to the development of the art and science of SBSB. The mission of the SBSB World is to bring the principles and practices of the SBSB community to all those who would like to develop their own ideas of SBSB practice and become better SBSBers.

The SBSB World is not really all that new, but the SBSB community has gone big and changed the game in the process.

The SBSB community had been around for a while back in the day (although not as big or as active as it is now) when a SBSBer named Jason Lipps started the website. The idea was to have a website where people could post their ideas and experiences about SBSB. was one of the first SBSB sites to go live and at the time there were just a couple of people who were actively participating in the community. There were still a few members of the SBSB community in the early days though, so Jason Lipps decided to give this a go.

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