The Next Big Thing in transformers online


I’ve always loved transformers and I’m always on the hunt for a new one. I know that a lot of others do too, so I thought I’d share my favorite transformers I’ve found on the internet.

You can see a transformers fanboy moment in the scene where he meets the other guy at the train station. When he tells them of his transformers past, the other guy says “it’s not that hard to beat a machine!” so the guy has to beat him.

A lot of these guys are just good but they lack the power to defeat the evil they are fighting. Ive got a couple of them who I think are some of the better transformers on the internet. They are like a good sidekick from the previous year. There are times when a couple of transformers in this universe have to die. They can’t even turn the lights on! They can’t even get the phone out of their pocket.

They are the guy who is trying to get you to join their team. They are the bad guys that try to steal your transformers and take you to a new place. They are the ones that have the machine to beat.

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